3 Rules About Pickleball Apparel from The Designers Who Make It

The Best Pickleball Apparel


Athleisure was the official wardrobe of 2020. And if you’re like us, you’re hoping it continues forever. It’s why when we designed our new line of pickleball apparel, we spent as much time thinking about on the court performance as we did off the court comfort.

Here are three tips from the Baddle Apparel Design Team. 


Rule #1: Mix and Match, Match after Match

When you open up your pickleball bag, you want to see some solids and some prints. That way, you can mix and match tops and bottoms for endless possibilities. Pro tip: don’t be afraid of monochrome pickleball outfits. You can wear all white year round and going for all gray or all black can give you a uniform look on the court with your partner.


Baddle Pickleball Outfits

Rule #2: Go from Court to Clubhouse Effortlessly

When we’re making pickleball shirts, shorts, skorts, and more, we don’t just think about performance on the court (though, see Rule #3). We think about how it will effortlessly transition to off the court. That’s why our shorts have pockets and why even our skort has a secret pocket in the lining. It’s why our long sleeve shirts have mesh subtly woven into the sides. Ultimate breathability on the court, elevated look off the court.

So whenever you’re purchasing pickleball gear, think about if you’ll be able to wear it in your everyday life, too. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t wearing Baddle shorts while typing this right now. After all, Zoom calls are shoulder up.


Rule #3: Performance is a Given

Why isn’t this Rule #1, you ask? Well, we found it to be the most obvious. If you’re looking to elevate your pickleball game, you’re going to want pickleball gear that helps you do that in every way possible.

Moisture wicking technology is not only fun to say, it’s necessary for court-worthy apparel. You’ll also want the right balance of stretch and support. High quality sports apparel is made to support your body while also moving with it. Consider what’s important to you. Some people prefer built-in liners. Others like to keep them separate. We also design our gear using UPF fabrics, which provide extra sun protection on the court (and by the pool).


Bonus Rule: Don’t forget a mask.

Or even better, a multi-purpose piece like this.