About Us

Why We Started Baddle

Looking good and performing your best shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We’d argue they’re directly correlated. And when they both align, your competitive fire is reignited. You remember the one we’re talking about. That inner spark that can’t wait to compete. That pleasant exhaustion after you’ve given it your all. 

Baddle offers the best of both worlds.

Our Pickleball Paddles

To put the perfect paddle in the hands of every player at every skill level, our collection offers customized options. Various weights, regular and XL grip sizes, graphite and fiberglass surfaces. Plus, proprietary advancements like our Anti-slip Grips and our SpinGrit™ Surface Coating. All available in a spectrum of innovative designs and bold color options. 

Our Pickleball Apparel and Gear

Our pickleball apparel is made with the same attention to detail. Top-of-the-line athletic materials are used to create our shirts, shorts, tanks, hats, socks, and more. All designed specifically to move and stretch with you during pickleball play. So you can feel as good as you look from head to toe. But we’d be lying if we said we only wear Baddle on the courts. Because we designed them to effortlessly go from intense pickleball matches to the clubhouse for post-game celebrations.


Our Pickleball Mission – Baddle for Better

We believe everyone can and should have the opportunity to live actively by (re)discovering that inner competitive spark we all have. For the younger generation, it’s about remembering to get outside every day. For the older generation, it’s about finding an activity that works for your lifestyle. And pickleball is the answer to both.

So in 2021, we launched The Baddle for Better program to help continue the growth of pickleball for all. Since then we've partnered and donated to related causes while continuing to seek new opportunities for advancement of the sport.