4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Your Next Pickleball Paddle

New Pickleball Paddles

So you’re ready to graduate from an intro paddle to a more serious pickleball performer? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. How much should it weigh?
Heavier paddles allow for more power. But they’re going to exhaust your arm quicker. Lighter paddles allow for greater maneuverability and ball control. But they offer less power.

So if you’re specifically searching for a power paddle, opt for ~12 oz. And if you’re specifically searching for a ball control paddle, opt for ~6 oz. You should only be buying this type of paddle if you already have a daily-use paddle. These high and low weights make for a great second or third paddle to keep in your rotation.

Most likely, you’re looking to replace or add to your daily-use line up. For us, we create well-rounded paddles that are perfect for daily use and competitive game play. So Baddle paddles come in around 7.5 oz. This is the weight we suggest to get the best of both worlds—great ball control with a little extra power.

2. What kind of grip do I need?
In terms of circumference, most grips are around 4 inches, which is what we recommend for just about every pickleball player. If you have larger hands, you may want to consider wrapping your grip with an extra layer to beef it up a little.

Grip length is also something to consider. Most pickleball paddle grips are around 5 inches long. The Baddle Advance Paddle offers an XT Grip as well. The extra quarter-inch is ideal for people who like a double-handed backhand shot. Otherwise, we recommend sticking with the standard 5-inch grip.

Once you’ve determined ideal measurement, consider the “tech” side of things. All Baddle paddles include our Anti-slip Grip innovation. We wrap our handles with wider, padded ribs intertwined with thinner, rope-like ribs. This allows for ultimate comfort while keeping your grip dry so it doesn’t slip. 

3. What kind of material should my pickleball paddle be made of?
Let’s go from the inside out, starting with the core of the paddle. The latest technology in pickleball paddles is referred to as a Polymer Honeycomb Core. This type of core gives you a strong, durable core, yet remains flexible and light for greater control.

On the surface, there are a couple schools of thought. A fiberglass face gives you pro-level power and pop. So if you’re looking to take your competitive game to the next level, we recommend fiberglass. A graphite face allows you to have more forgiving ball control and quick action off the paddle. So it’s perfect for those looking to improve their game without having to adjust to a more powerful hit.

Don’t forget to double check that your next pickleball paddle has some protection on the edges of the surface. Most paddles these days come with some form of this, and all Baddle paddles use our EdgeProtect Tech. This helps your paddle hold up match after match.

4. What should my paddle look like?
Style is more important for some pickleball players as it is for others. But it’s a part of why we started making paddles in the first place. Baddle uses the latest design trends to represent the fun competitive spirit of the game.

If you have more questions before purchasing your next pickleball paddle, no worries! Just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect pickleball paddle for your needs.