Baddle Has a new Pickleball Partner, Vera Bradley

The Vera Bradley Collection by Baddle merges the ultimate in pickleball performance design with the expressive spirit of the much beloved Vera Bradley brand. Known for iconic, colorful prints, Vera Bradley has been making the world a brighter place with its travel bags, accessories and philanthropic efforts since 1982.

And today, they’re officially making the pickleball courts a brighter place.

We all started playing pickleball for various reasons. Maybe a neighbor talked you into it. Or you happened to see a game taking place and wondered what was going on. But we all continued playing pickleball for the same reason – it’s fun!

Our hope in partnering with Vera Bradley is to express a style on the court that’s as unique as you.

On the inside, each Vera Bradley pickleball paddle is loaded with Baddle features. Like composite surfaces, polymer honeycomb cores, a forgiving sweet-spot, and our anti-slip grip technology. So you get a quality paddle that allows you to elevate your game.

But on the outside, you get something no other player can match. A unique design that represents a style you can’t find anywhere else.

This is a limited release. And we do expect it sell out fast, so don’t wait to order yours today.

Shop the Vera Bradley Collection by Baddle here.