Columbus Pickleball Classic Tournament Recap

We had a blast sponsoring the Columbus Pickleball Classic Tournament in Ohio last week. Thanks again to the World Pickleball Tour for letting us join in on the action. 

We could spend hours chatting about the highlights. For your sake, we've condensed our favorite moments below. 

That feeling you get when the Baddle begins. 


The face you make when you need a little extra oompf.


When you gladly take over babysitting duty. 


When you can't even explain the shot you just hit to your partner.


When you're so locked-in focused on the return.


When your partner communication is on point.


When you get to present the hardware.


When you get to enjoy some well-deserved brews after Baddle.


Huge shoutout to 1487 Brewery for hosting the after tournament party. 

Next Stop: Vegas! We're excited to be a part of the Las Vegas Pickleball Classic in October. Registration is now open! Sign up today because registration closes on June 30, 2021.