How Baddle and rnnr are Changing the Pickleball Image, From Head to Toe

Baddle + rnnr

We're beyond excited to announce our newest partnership with rnnr, a popular running brand (and one of our favorite brands), to bring a much-needed, much-desired face-lift to the game of pickleball. 

We just released a line of Baddle + rnnr hats and Baddle + rnnr socks


Baddle rnnr pickleball hat

The Baddle x rnnr hats don’t just offer a silhouette that can go from court to clubhouse easily. They also offer unmatched performance. With mesh paneling along the sides of the hats, it allows maximum breathability. Paired with the moisture-managing fabrics they’re made with, you’ll keep cool (literally and figuratively) on the sweatiest of days.

Baddle rnnr Pickleball Hats

There's an adjustable strap on the back of the hats that can adjust to fit pretty much every head size. And the flexible bill allows players to curve it (or not) to their preferred style.

Shop the Baddle + rnnr hats here


Baddle rnnr Socks

The Baddle x rnnr socks are an exciting new development as well. These aren’t your average socks. They’re thicker with an extra-cushioned footbed and arch support. Because on the court, you’re starting and stopping and shuffling all the time. And your socks need to hold up game after game.

Baddle rnnr Socks

The fabric keeps your feet dry and at the optimal temperature. So we’d be lying if we said we only reach for this pair on game days. Once you experience the comfort and performance of these socks, it’s hard not to wear them on movie nights, too.

Shop the Baddle + rnnr socks here