Proud to Be Created in Cincinnati, USA

We started Baddle from a little office in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. And we're as proud of our team as we are of our town. The Cincinnati Pickleball Club couldn't be a cooler community. Their tournaments are the definition of "good vibes" and we've been lucky enough to be participate in a few of them. 

Just this last weekend, we set up a booth at their pickleball tournament, and we had a blast. So much so, that we wanted to recap some of our favorite moments. 

Baddle Pickleball Tournament Booth
When you get to spend your day chatting with pickleballers about the sport we all love.
Welcome Booth Pickleball Tournament
When check in starts and you get that pre-pickleball excitement.
Baddle Pickleball Paddle Sleeve
When you unzip the paddle cover to prepare for Baddle.
Baddle Pickleball Drawstring Bag
The moment you drop your bags and start the first match.
Baddle Pickleball Shirt
When you're in the (Baddle) zone.
Baddle Pickleball Paddle and Ball
When you're between games and decide to mess around with new paddle tricks.
Baddle Pickleball Shorts
When you race to the kitchen line for some dinks.
Baddle Pickleball Ball
When you realize you're literally always searching for an extra ball.
Cincinnati Pickleball Club
When you win some hardware and get your photo taken in front of the backdrop.
Baddle Pickleball Player
When the tournament's over but you decide to hit with a pal for the fun of it.