Baddle Next Gen Paddles Are Here!

Featuring our new proprietary SpinGrit™ Surface Coating

We don’t buy into the idea that innovation and style are mutually exclusive. Our paddles are filling a real need for today’s players: looking and performing your best on the court. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted our NEW paddle collection to include the perfect option for all types of players; dinkers, bangers, or those who have mastered the art of both. We offer customization choices in the form of weighting, grip circumferences, and a spectrum of bold designs and colors. There’s a domino effect to looking good – it makes you feel even better. And with a high caliber paddle in your hand, players with Baddle paddles are inspired to play their best.

With the exception of our Junior paddles, all Baddle paddles are approved by the USA Pickleball Association and tournament-ready. Each paddle also includes our new SpinGrit™ surface coating. SpinGrit™ is our proprietary extra-roughened coating that is applied to the face of our paddles to offer greater durability and ball control. It's a real game changer, trust us.

It's Time to Meet the New Paddles...


With a unique, thinner throat and a longer handle, the Echelon allows more room to play up on the grip for certain shots, as well as extra room for those who prefer a two-handed backhand.

It’s the ultimate paddle for those looking for the truest hit.

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Designed for players looking for more consistent control in their game without sacrificing power, the Lancer is loved for its thicker polymer core, which stabilizes the ball across the entire face of the paddle. Not just the sweet spot.

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Our first ever elongated paddle stretches the surface area to its optimal point. With a little extra reach, a thick core, and our SpinGrit™ surface coating, the Ballista is the best of all worlds. Power. Control. Reach. Spin.

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Your Next Gen Paddle is Here!

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