BADDLE PADDLES - Baddle Pickleball

Baddle Paddles

We aim to put professional performance in the hands of every pickleball player. So every Baddle paddle is around 7.5 oz. It’s the optimal weight for all players, giving you the right balance of power and control without the extra paddle weight.


Core Strength

Our Polymer Honeycomb Cores give you the perfect balance of power and control. They’re strong and durable, yet flexible and soft.

On The Surface

We offer graphite and fiberglass surfaces, so you’ll find a Baddle Paddle for you, no matter your playing style.

Anti-Slip Grip

Our grips keep your handling comfortable without slipping. So every hit is struck with confidence.

EdgeProtect Tech

Using the latest technology, we make sure our paddles hold up match after match after match.

USA Pickleball Approved