Performance For All. All For Performance.

Our paddle collection represents the latest in technology and design for the competitive pickleball player. Our graphite and fiberglass construction offers better, spin friendly feel and sweet spot coverage from grip to tip to improve your game. A choice of bold designs, paddle weights and grip sizes are meant to inspire your performance while providing sure comfort and confidence every game and match.




Our NEW paddle collection has the perfect option for any style of player; dinkers, bangers, or those who have mastered the art of both. We offer customization choices in the form of weighting, grip circumferences, and a spectrum of bold designs and colors.


Key Features

SpinGrit™ Coating

An extra-roughened coating is applied on the surfaces of our paddles to offer greater durability and ball control. Available on select graphite and fiberglass models.

Core Strength

Our Polymer Honeycomb Cores give you the perfect balance of power and control. They’re strong and durable, yet flexible and soft.

Anti-Slip Grip

Our grips keep your handling comfortable without slipping. So every hit is struck with confidence.

EdgeProtect Tech

Using the latest technology, we make sure our paddles hold up match after match after match.

USA Pickleball Approved