Performance for All. All for Performance.

We aim to put professional performance in the hands of every pickleball player. So every Baddle paddle is around 7.5 oz. It’s the optimal weight for all players, giving you the right balance of power and control without the extra paddle weight.

The Right Material for You.

Surface material is the key difference in pickleball paddles. And it can get overwhelming with so many options available today. We make it easy.

A graphite pickleball paddle gives you pro-level control. It’s ideal for players looking to take their everyday play to a new level.


A fiberglass pickleball paddle offers pro-level power. It’s ideal for players looking for a competitive edge by gaining more pop from the paddle.

USAPA Approved

What does it mean and why does it matter?

USAPA stands for United States of America Pickleball Association. They are the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the US, and their mission is to promote the development and growth of the sport we all love.

Most tournaments require USAPA approved paddles, which means it’s illegal to use a paddle outside of their approved list. For everyday play with friends and family, you’re free to use any type of paddle.

All Baddle paddles are USAPA approved and tournament-ready for any level of competition.