How & Why You Should Clean Your Baddle Paddle

Our friends over at Pickleball University shared these amazing tips for cleaning your paddle and why that should be on your radar as a pickleballer! Our Baddle paddle technology is designed to last, but we know that if you're obsessed with pickleball as most avid players are, cleaning it can make a huge difference in longevity! 


Pickleball Paddle & Grip Cleaning Guide

The other day one of my fellow pickleballers said “my paddle isn’t performing that well and it’s not that old”.  I asked him, “have you tried cleaning it?”.  He laughed a bit and said, “clean it, how do you do that and why?”  Which are good questions that have good answers.

Two Parts to Cleaning

The first, is the surface as it receives quite a bit of debris from the ball and court that builds up over repeated use and play.  The second, is the handle as it too accumulates dirt as well as oils from your hand and begins to affect your grip.

Part 1: Paddle Surface Cleaning

The difference with Baddle pickleball paddles is our SpinGrit™ technologySpinGrit™ is our proprietary extra-roughened coating that is applied to the face of our paddles to offer greater durability and ball control.

During play the surface of your paddle collects bits of plastic and dirt from the ball itself as well as the ground. This begins to build-up on the surface of the paddle as it collects within the material that makes up the surface.

If you have paddle that has grit on its surface, like ours, then this mix of ball plastic & dirt embeds itself in that material.  

Most pickleballs begin to get a “nap” on their surface as they are used.  The repeated impact on the court surface abrases the ball causing it to have a nearly furry effect.  The fibers from the ball become caught into the surface of the paddle, along with dirt from the court, which leads to performance issues.

Part 2: Handle & Grip Care

Having a good grip on your game is not only figurative, it’s literal.  That’s right if you aren’t holding your paddle firmly the ball can be all over the place, which is why it’s good to clean your handle! 

Over time your handle can absorb or get coated with dirt, sweat, and oils from our hands.  Keeping the handle clean will lead to better paddle control and grip.  

Baddle paddles are made with a proprietary Anti-Slip grip which allows for longer lasting play, keeping your handle clean will not only help your game but will ensure the grip lasts longer.

Steps For Cleaning Your Paddle Surface

For better surface performance and longevity here are some recommendations:

 1.)   Do NOT use any solvents or chemical cleaners!

2.)   Do NOT use any liquid that has oils or lubricant!

3.)   Use a damp cloth along with a dry cloth to remove debris.

4.)   Use a commercial product designed for paddle surfaces