Junior Pickleball Paddle

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Parents shouldn't have all the fun. After all, pickleball was invented as a cure for bored children. So, we're excited to announce a paddle that's first of its kind. Our Junior Pickleball Paddle.

• Specifically designed for kids pickleball play
• Fiberglass surface keeps our paddle light & maneuverable
• Grip sized perfectly for the hands of 6-12 year old’s
• Large proportioned sweet spot to help kids learn the game
• Available in 6 colorful unique designs

Designed For Ages 6-12 

Warning: Kids may surpass parents' pickleball skill level with a paddle like this.


Junior Paddle

Paddle Length 

14.5” (36.83cm)

Paddle Width

7.4” (18.8cm)

Grip Circumference 

3.875” (9.84cm)


6.8 oz. (192.8grams ) (±.2oz)




Polymer Honeycomb 

Paddle Thickness 

.41” (1.04cm)

Key Features

Core Strength

Our Polymer Honeycomb Cores give you the perfect balance of power and control. They’re strong and durable, yet flexible and soft.

Fiberglass Face

Our fiberglass surface gives you pro-level power. If you’re looking for more pop from your paddle, look no further.

Ergo Grip

Our grips keep your handling comfortable without slipping. So every hit is struck with confidence

EdgeProtect Tech

Using the latest technology, we make sure our paddles hold up match after match after match.