Baddle Pickleball Paddle Dog Toy

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We humans aren't the only ones who should enjoy the fun of pickleball! The fastest growing sport now extends to our furry friends with the Baddle Pickleball Paddle Dog Toy. 

If we're being honest, we've lost a few good pickleballs to our best friend you see in the photos here. So, we decided to create a toy specifically for him. 

Key Features

Men's Lining

Enjoy the comfort of extra support with our in-short compression linings. The moisture wicking fabric moves with you, on and off the court.

Moisture Wicking Breathability

Our apparel keeps you cool and dry by using the latest moisture wicking technology in the construction of all our materials.

Machine Washable

Throw our gear in the wash without losing the color or integrity of our fabric. Because your pickleball game should not depend on a cleaning schedule.

Performance Meets Style

Our performance apparel line includes tanks, shorts, skirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, and more. All carefully and specifically designed to perform on the pickleball court. But you'll also love the comfort and style off the court.